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A Personal School

At Alcanta International College our ambitions are high and we hope to establish something that is unique in China: to offer an education that involves the student’s active participation in their own learning. We aim to live the IB ideal.

Located in Nansha District, Guangzhou, AIC was established in 2011. Inspired by the IB philosophy, we have the goal of establishing an alternative educational style focusing on developing the individual’s personal growth as well as seeking academic excellence. The intention is never to be a huge school and we look at a future roll of about 600 students. Our maximum class size is 20. With an overall teacher-student ratio of 1:7 we like to claim that we are the most personal school in Southern China. 

A special feature of our school is that we are one of the very few international schools in China that are allowed to enroll Chinese nationals, as opposed to Chinese students who hold foreign passports. The boutique nature of our school also has a lot of appeal to parents. We take pride in, and foster a close and friendly cooperation between students, teachers and parents.

The school runs the IB Diploma for its senior students and also offers grade 8 and 10 classes aimed to prepare students for an IB education. The Pre Diploma program is unique to our school as it blends the school’s particular needs with ideas borrowed from a diverse set of international curriculum. We offer contemporary education practice, complemented by the modern facilities and equipment that one would associate with a new school.

Our school is located on the side of Huang Shan Lu Mountain which is a large and lush green reserve.

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