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What are the CAS trips for?

Every year, in the first week of May, all AIC students pack into buses with teachers and head off for a week of Creativity, Activity and Service.  This year will be no exception, and there are 5 trips planned.  These trips, however are not just a ‘holiday’ - they are a time to work on your own education and growth through Creativity, Activity and Service.  They are a time to experience first hand the benefits an IB eduction is giving you, and how you can put the attributes on the learner profile into action in the real world.

On these trips you will get chances to INQUIRE about the local people you meet there, and how they live in harmony (or not) with their natural environment.  You will get chances to become more KNOWLEDGEABLE about China, and the people of China and their daily lives.  You will have opportunities to be THINKERS, and be REFLECTIVE about the activities you are doing and what you are learning about yourself and your friends and teachers by doing them.  You will Learn to be OPEN-MINDED, and accept the lives and lifestyles of others, and be CARING when you work with them as part of the service component of your trip.  You will be PRINCIPLED in your interactions with others, and have to make the kind of real decisions in the real world that you need to do to become a RISK-TAKER, and ensure that you develop into a healthy, happy and BALANCED person.
So whichever CAS trip you are on, make sure that you bear the IB learner profile in mind and apply it to the real world situations you encounter.  Be active, not passive, and take part in the world around you so you can better learn your place within it.

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