Welcome to University Counselling Department at AIC


The College and University Counselling office is responsible for helping students to find their way through searching and applying to further education. We take this aspect of school life very seriously here, at AIC. Our Mission Statement states


Grounded in Chinese culture and nurtured in the IB spirit of internationalism AIC students become active and globalized citizens achieving entry to diverse universities worldwide.


It is the role of the department to ensure the final aspect of our schools mission is upheld, by guiding students into the university or college that best suits them. We do of course assist students to top Universities, if this suits them. Last year we gained a large number of offers for Top 50 universities worldwide. We plan to do the same, year after year, as well as ensure students find an institution of further education that is well-matched to the goals and abilities of the students.


Please take to time to look through our pages and see where our students achievements have led them. Click on the links to see what offers in the previous years have been given.


Below are some tips for AIC students in their decision making processes, followed by useful resources and links.


Michael Hayes,


University Counsellor.



For UK Applications:                    http:www.ucas.com

For US Applications:                    http:www.commonapp.org

Research on US Applications:    http:www.collegeboard.org/


The ACT:                                        http:www.act.org        


SAT Information:                            http:www.sat.collegeboard.org

Research on Financial Aid:          http://fafsa.ed.gov

Australian Applications:                http://www.uac.edu.au/international



What are universities looking for?

Grades: study hard and make sure your school grades are good (For UK you need predicted grades so impress your teachers)

CAS activities: universities look for well-rounded students so it is important to participate in activities outside the classroom

Relevant work or volunteering experience: it is good to work with or shadow a professional from the field you are planning to study.

Personal Statement: you need to start thinking about this as you will need to impress the admission office. Must focus on writing skills.

Reference Letters: respect your teachers, impress them and ask them nicely to write you a reference letter.

IELTS/TOEFL: Test of English for second language speakers. We advise students to do IELTS as they are accepted universally, including the US.

ACT/SAT: This is for American Universities mainly. Top universities will require students to do one of these two. We advise our students to do ACT. However, students with strong English background could do well in SAT.



Choosing universities: How do I decide where to go?


Think about the climate

What kind of volunteering or work experiences are you looking for?

Do you want to be in lecture halls with hundreds of students in the same class or would you need more individual attention in smaller sized classrooms?

Can you afford to go to a university in an expensive city or you want to cut costs by choosing to study in a city where housing and other costs of living would be less?

What is your academic background like? What are your ambitions?

Will you be seeking financial aid? Scholarships?

What are the tuition fees like?


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