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The Package:

Starting monthly salary will be from 21,000 –
31,000 RMB depending on the teacher’s
qualifications and experience. There are
additional allowances for accommodation, travel,
shipping and settling in. The Heads of
Departments and the CAS Coordinator receive an
additional allowance.


The school will provide a clean and
fully-furnished apartment for foreign teachers.
The modern apartments are generally in an
enclosed complex and have guards on duty 24/7.
The apartments are close to the school and near a

subway and/or bus station.

The school is responsible for flights at the
beginning and end of contract for the hired
teacher and accompanying family members, if
legally married. There is a mid-contract flight
allowance of 10,000 RMB.

Health and Life Insurance:

The school will provide health and life insurance
for up to two premiums (family). Additionally,
staff members can claim up to 1,000 RMB for
dental allowance per year.


If you wish, you may have complimentary lunch

in the school canteen on school days.

The working year is approximately 190 days long.
There are four major holidays every year:
Mid-autumn Festival, Christmas and New Year,
Chinese New Year and Easter/Tomb Sweeping.
In addition, faculty get an approximately 7 week

long summer holiday.

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