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AIC Admissions Policy


Admission to AIC is open to motivated learners of all nationalities. AIC does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity or religion. Admission is selective and subject to passing the entrance examination and being recommended for admission by the Principal of AIC following an interview. AIC reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants expected to have difficulties following the AIC curriculum or positively contributing to the AIC community. AIC accepts applications for admissions throughout the year.

In the 2010/2021 academic year, admissions will be at all levels for Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, and DP1.

Admissions Requirements

1. Students must pass the AIC entrance examination demonstrating strong academic ability, as well as showing motivation and potential to succeed in the IB Diploma Programme.

2. As the language of instruction at AIC is English, applicants must have good knowledge of English, sufficient to participate fully in the AIC community and curriculum.

In cases where applicants with limited English have no educational alternative (e.g. expatriate students arriving during the school year) or show significant potential and motivation to improve their English competence, exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Principal to enrol in the Intensive English Language Programme.

3. Students agree to become contributing members of the AIC community taking an active interest in AIC student life, in accordance with the AIC Mission and the IB Learner Profile.

Grade Placement

Grade 7 entry

Grade 8 entry

Grade 9 entry

Grade 10 entry

Students of a suitable age, who have completed primary education

Students of a suitable age, who have completed at least one years of secondary education

Students of a suitable age, who have completed at least two years of secondary education

Students of a suitable age, who have completed at least three years of secondary education

DP 1 entry

Students of a suitable age, who have completed at least four years of secondary education.

At the discretion of the Principal or Academic Directors, exceptions to the conditions above can be made, based on students’ previous grade level, academic ability, and emotional and physical maturity.

Admissions Procedure

In order for an admissions decision to be made, applicants must provide / complete the following:

· Completed application form (including information about previous school records)

· Photocopies of Chinese National ID Card / Passport and visa page (if applicable)

· An application fee of RMB 300

· The entrance examination, consisting of a written component and an interview.

AIC encourages, but does not require, students wishing to apply to AIC to attend a ‘demonstration class’ or see a regular class at AIC to experience the type of education AIC provides and reflect on whether they would like to apply for admission at AIC.

To initiate the application process, applicants register for the entrance examination. This internal entrance examination is conducted by AIC to assess both quality and potential of applicants. To be eligible for admission to AIC, applicants must complete a written exam and an interview, scoring above a set threshold. Typically applicants would sit the written examination first, with only successful applicants being invited back to AIC for an interview on a separate day. Should an applicant be unavailable for an interview at another time, the entire entrance examination may be conducted at one time.

· Applicants complete written tests in both Mathematics and English (60 minutes each, conducted in English.) For Chinese speakers, a Chinese glossary of mathematical terms is provided.

· Applicants complete an interview with AIC faculty members (30 minutes, conducted in English.) In cases where the interviewers feel a Chinese applicant is not able to show their full potential using only English, half of the interview may be conducted in Chinese. In addition to general comments, AIC staff conducting the interview are asked to provide feedback on the student's English language competence using a standardized set of criteria. Students are asked to provide the completed application form, including complete information about their school records during the previous two years, as well as the application fee of RMB 300.

Once the applicant has completed the entrance examination, admission officer submitted all required documents to academic directors, including the applicant’s application form, entrance examination results, other available records (ie Chinese High School Entrance Exam results) and comments from staff who have met the applicant. Academic directors will make discussion of placement in each applicant with documents mentioned above. All applicants are notified of their status within two weeks of completing the admissions process. Unsuccessful applicants, in particular those who show promise but weak language skills, are counseled to either enroll in the one-year Intensive English Programme or to apply again  for the following semester or school year. Upon enrollment, successful applicants are asked to provide health insurance documentation, previous academic records and any other relevant documents.

AIC reserves the right to dismiss a student who has been admitted under false pretense, or who withheld educationally significant information from AIC.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Applicants showing exceptional ability and potential may be awarded a scholarship to attend AIC. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the applicant’s performance in the entrance examination, as well as previous academic performance or the applicant’s score in the Chinese High School Entrance Exam. Where applicable, academic performance at AIC may be considered. Scholarships are renewable for the remaining duration of the students enrollment at AIC, subject to an annual review. Scholarship decisions are made by the AIC Scholarship Committee.

Admissions Policy for Students with Special Needs

AIC is able to provide limited support to students with learning difficulties. Please contact the Admissions Office to discuss individual cases.

Facilities at AIC are wheelchair accessible. AIC students must be able to cope with the academic programme and be able to function independently as a contributing member of the AIC community.

Fees for Academic Year of 2020-2021


Tuition(RMB Yuan)

Boarding(RMB Yuan)

Meal fee(RMB Yuan)

7、8 & 9








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